Q3test screenshots

These screenshots were taken by me (FuN|Haywire) on the Win32 version (1.05) of q3test.

System: Wind*ws NT with a TNT card, 128Mb.
Settings: 16-bit, textures 16-bit, highest texture detail. High geom.detail. No flares. Fov 120.

Click on the thumbnails to vew a larger version. They open up in a new window.

Playing around with the jump pads. The jumppad at the RL was used here.
More "jump-padding". This one I achieved by r-jumping from the railgun platform (not visible here). My direction of velocity was at this screenshot almost horizontal... i.e. I plunged into darkness just afterwards, so it's maybe not that useful for taking out quad campers :-)
I don't really know how I managed to get this high up... but as you can see, no quad was needed. And I think the jump pad used was one on the railgun platform.
This jump could actually be used in a game :-) I just r-jumped off the middle jump-pad (as you can see it's blackened). Pretty good attack position when taking out quad campers, they seldom see it coming :-)
Ok, I admint, the quad (actually it's "tri") but it was quite kewl. Don't really know which pad was used. Could be the one at the RL (just below the player) or one of the railgun pads.
Deathwish. What nice things one can do by the use of teleporters... like shooting yourself :-)
More self-killing rockets, this one from the quad teleporter. Nice view of the rocket model, in case you're interested.
Pretty colors, eh? Though the flashes are somewhat badly aligned/scaled to the barrels.
The only player present on the map is me! hehe... nice.
Wheee! Now this party is really heating up! :-) This has to be seen in action! The rail-trails flashes intensively generating a nice "disco-light" effect. However, I hope this behaviour is a bug.

That's it, no more pictures for you!