Fatal Unity Reserver

We have now a "dedicated" server, which is a Pentium 200MHz with 64Mb with a 512 kbit connection, with promised better ping-times(I hope so...). As we only play QW the logic choice of server would be QW, so be it. Simple. :-) It will mostly run evenings and nights (and weekends).

The server runs at Other servers than the normal team-play patch (Kombat Teams) may occasionally run in also. Port 27510 runs a Duel 1on1 server, and 27520 a Rocket Arena server, but these do not run very often. The server(s) are not password-protected, so feel free to join in the FuN!

Lord of pain

Good old "Bettan", is officially dead, and has been in that state for some time (in case you didn't notice). If you/we are lucky it may be revived in the future.